Manga Popart Butterfly

Manga Popart Butterfly

Friday, June 3, 2016

The Squeaky Wheel...

...gets the most grease.
Common fucking sense, that one.

And I got my books, only two days late and
after 3 phone calls, 5 or 6 emails to
grammatically illiterate bots that were
never taught the King's English,
one rant to Jeff Bezos
and one "live chat" or
so it claimed.

Etcetera.  Ha!

Raining again, thunder booming
and water, water everywhere, frogs croaking
euphoric tunes...make that ecstatic.  What's with
that anyhow?  Frogs-dotdotdot-are amphibians.


Frogs may croak after rainfall because they become attracted to the wet atmosphere and use their croaks as mating calls. Because of this, frogs are very likely to mate during a rainy season.

I sooooo love this!!!  Rain makes
frogs horny!!  Me, too!!! What about Toads???
LOL???  What did we
EVER do before

We dragged our asses over to the
shelf with the white Encyclopedias
which our Mama paid for monthly
for over a year.  We ate bologna
and Spam sandwiches
in exchange for having knowledge
at hand.  Oh, how I loved
those books!  I'd sit and read them for
hours and hours...

This generation takes it's knowledge
for granted. They didn't have to
walk to the television
to turn the channel to get one
of only three channels...
It's all in their fucking pocket,
the little lazy whippersnappers,
at the touch of a screen...and it's sad.
Tick, tock...
dear Millenials:  you're going to miss the
Boomers when we're all dead and gone.

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