Manga Popart Butterfly

Manga Popart Butterfly

Thursday, June 2, 2016


Dear Diary,

Listening to Belladonna album.
Vinyl album, not CD or IPod.
No one can cheer a person like
Stevie Nicks on a hot,
depressing, rainy day.

And the lady is feeling
like the moon that she loves...

For two days I've been chewing's ass via telephone,
email, Twitter, snail mail
and live chats.  All I want is my
2nd day delivery, which I pay for
via Amazon Prime and haven't
gotten this entire year.

How can a billionaire,
Jeff Bezos, run a company that can't
even deliver a box of books
on time?  Hmmmmmm????????

It pisses me off and
perplexes the hell out of me.
He's got 1,000 employees
working on Artificial Intelligence
and can't get my books to me
in 2 days.  WTF is up with that?

The clouds never expect it
when it rains...but the sea changes color...
but the sea does not change...

Hey Jeff, here's an idea:  put half of those brainiacs
in the fucking shipping department to
figure out the basics first!!!

I'm on a mission, now.
I sent him a brutal email which I doubt he'll see
much less answer, and told him he needs
to handle up or I'm out of there.
Trust me, I've been making that dude
money since 1999.  LOL!  I laugh
because big corporate assholes
don't give a shit
about nobody-readers like me.

Stop dragging my heart around...

And such is my life.

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