Manga Popart Butterfly

Manga Popart Butterfly

Thursday, July 14, 2016


...I am sadder than sad.
I am madder than mad
at the ignorance,
& stupidity & GREED
of some people.

The 40 or so acres of
untamed, mature forest, swampy land across
from my home has been sold
(land that's never been touched or developed)
to a heartless bastard who
buys beautiful, rural land
only to clear cut it for the timber...
timber sold for maybe $25,000 or less after costs!
A paltry sum for an already-wealthy
An old, valuable ecosystem destroyed
...for what?  For what?????????!?!

It's mostly swampland,
no hardwood, 95% Pine trees (well, about 20% now)...

Why pillage/destroy this ecosystem
for a few thousand dollars?
It will flood now...much worse...
It already flooded before this
rape of the earth, but the trees
and thick underbrush helped
to hold back some of the flooding,
but no more...

I am too sad for words.
what a fucking mess
one greedy person can make...

happy birthday, my ass.

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