Manga Popart Butterfly

Manga Popart Butterfly

Monday, August 29, 2016

Dear Big Pharma:

...after years of trying to find
an antidepressant to ease the
pain of craving non-existence,
I found a new medication.

My dr. gave me a free months'
worth of samples & a coupon, she said,
that would assure I paid no more
than $10 per month for this new
miracle drug, for one whole year. I was hoping to be MUCH BETTER
after a year of treatment...and to discontinue it.

Three week's into taking the drug
I called my pharmacist, coded coupon in hand,
to make sure this bargain was kosher,
having been burned before.
She then proceeded to tell me that
the one medication
that had made me feel happy & calm
in over ten years was not covered under
my insurance plan.

I calmly explained the coupon & she said,
"Read the fine print under the guaranteed $10 price."
I tiny, purposely-faded letters it said,
'pays up to $100 not covered by insurance.'

How much could 30 tiny pills cost?

Turns out this anti-depressant was $375 per bottle.
With my bogus $10 coupon, they'd be $275 per month.

Now, after weeks of conquering debilitating side effects,
a few weeks of happiness (so this is what it feels like...I'd forgotten)!
I now face withdrawing from this medicine
that works and falling back down the rabbit hole
of despair, hopelessness and sadness...

It doesn't seem fair, or right.


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