Manga Popart Butterfly

Manga Popart Butterfly

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


My healthcare privacy was violated
yesterday at a local hospital ER visit.
I never saw a doctor, only a rude, cold,
bitchy nurse who should be fired.

After an X-Ray and a 3 hour wait in a hard chair,
in brutal pain, in a waiting room full of patients,
the nurse finally showed up and proceeds to tell me my diagnosis
in front of 12 or more strangers.  I asked a couple of
quick questions, wondering why the fuck
this incompetent IDIOT did not take me back to a private the HIPAA PRIVACY LAWS state.
I was in too much pain to prolong her idiocy.

She made me feel that I was putting her out by being there
and causing her to have to work.  I've been in many ER's in my life
but none were as bad as this one.  The woman was not even
remotely qualified to treat me.  She never once touched me...
only asked me to explain the difference between asphalt & concrete.
She kept interrupting me when I tried to tell her about my fall...
like she did not want to hear about it.

I was basically told I had bruised ribs & pulled muscles,
then given 10(!!) of the weakest pain pills on the market.
She asked my pain level when I limped in...and I said, "It's 10 and
feels like a knife twisting in my back every time I breathe."

Do yourself a favor & stay far, far away
from Rapides Regional Medical Center
in Alexandria, Louisiana.


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