Manga Popart Butterfly

Manga Popart Butterfly

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dear Life:

WTF did I ever do to you?

I take a walk last Sunday.
I trip over a bump in
the walking trail...
more of a trap, really.

I fall so fast, breaking the fall
with my damaged right hand,
shoulder & side,
that I'm stunned.
I sit up, abruptly.  My husband asks
me if I'm okay.  He was ahead of me.

I reply that I knocked the breath out of myself...
...something I've not said since I
fell off my bicycle when I
was 11 years old.
I'd forgotten the feeling.
Whoosh!  No air!!
I sit, legs in front of me
and try to catch my breath.
It hurts like crazy.
I take shallow breaths.

Husband helps me up,
slowly.  My knee & hand
are skinned & bleeding.
Nothing feels broken.
I think my ribs are bruised.

My lung is injured.
Pneumothorax, I think.
One week of taking it easy
has done nothing to help
me feel better.
I can't lie flat on my back
or on eith side.

I give up!

Why this slow slide
into deeper & deeper pain?

ER visit tomorrow.
X-Ray & nothing more.
No one is inserting a chest tube
into my body,
causing me more pain.
I'd rather die.

Not one more iota of fucking pain.
No more!!!!!!!


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